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Emmett Technique


The Emmett Technique is a gentle, safe and non-invasive method of muscular pain relief, and is recognised as one of the fastest growing alternative therapies in Australia.

The Emmett Technique is a unique form of body therapy that involves light-touch sequences at specific points of the body to encourage a relaxation response. This can be effective at relieving muscle tension & discomfort, creating postural change and improving movement. The therapy has been known to provide dramatic effects towards many common complaints, even for first time clients.

The technique is safe for all ages & complements both traditional medical treatments & other holistic methods used to treat pain and discomfort.

The Emmett Technique may assist with relieving discomfort, improving body movement, aiding relaxation, and enhancing quality of life. Symptoms which have been relieved include:
• Back and hip discomfort
• Lymphatic and sinus congestion
• Headaches and dizziness
• Neck and shoulder restriction
• Knee and ankle restriction
• Abdominal cramps and bowel discomfort
• Persistent foot and heel pain, plantar fascia
• Migraines and cluster headaches
• Fluid retention
• Much more

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Trina McKeverne

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