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Ayurveda ‘The Science of Life’ is a holistic health system dating back thousands of years, with two main goals; ‘to maintain the health of the healthy’ and ‘to heal the sick’. It is based on living in harmony with the cycles of nature and gives the wisdom required for people to fully understand and care for their individual true selves. Ayurveda heals, prevents disease, and brings vitality and good health to us through dosha-specific diets, lifestyle changes, herbal medications, Ayurvedic therapies, massage, yoga and more.

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Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Nutrition & Spiritual Coaching 

Ayurvedic coaching is a process by which we dive deep into your current and past health concerns, diet, lifestyle, belief systems, physical characteristics, faith, and family history to determine root cause of symptoms and imbalance or disease.

We then commence the journey to creating balance naturally with Ayurvedic remedies and Yogic practices to create long term and sustained change designed to facilitate transformational outcomes in healing, vitality and spiritual growth.

There are a couple of options in how we can work together, depending on your situation:

OPTION 1: Ayurvedic Assessment + Basic Support: if you have already started your Ayurvedic journey or are motivated in self healing.

OPTION 2: Ayurvedic Assessment + Integration Support: If you are new to Ayurveda or have complex physical, mental or emotional imbalance, which deserves time and sacred space to go deep in sharing and resolving the causes of imbalance.

Ayurvedic Facial and Indian Head Massage

A nourishing treatment for face, head, hair, neck and shoulders using Ayurvedic oils, and herbal combinations, tailored to your skin and dosha.

Abhyanha (warm oil massage) 

Ayurvedic Massage of the whole body with warm oil, pressure and stroke specifically chosen for your Dosha (State of Balance).

Shirodhara (continuous oil pour) 

Shirodhara is a traditional Ayurvedic body therapy involving the continuous flow of warm oil onto the head.

Kati Basti (for injuries & chronic pain)  

Localised treatment of sport injury (acute) or chronic pain with a deep pool of warm oil to stimulate repair and ease pain. Also, includes short consultation, Abhyanga (warm oil massage) and herbal incense for clearing.

Yoga for healing & transformation 

Assessment will be offered to determine your state of balance and needs in facilitating Yoga that is tailored specifically to your needs and interests. Asana, Pranayama, Philosophy, Mudra, Mantra, Meditation presented as Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative or Yin Yoga.

Personalised Yoga and Ayurveda Half Day Retreat (4.5hrs)

Indulge in a personalised half day retreat to rest, connect and rejuvenate with the ancient healing sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda.


  • Ayurvedic Assessment to Determine your Dosha (with advice offered)
  • Intention Setting Ceremony and Cleansing ritual
  • Ayurvedic Massage (abhyanga) and Ayurvedic Facial with Indian Head Massage.
  • Ayurvedic Lunch (specific to your Dosha)

Plus your choice of either: 

  • Remedial Yoga, Meditation and Sounds healing
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking Demonstration
  • Vision board activity and Yoga Nidra Meditation

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