Clinical Hypnotherapist / Pyschotherapist

Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy

Ph: 0499 775 999

Alexandra is a clinical hypnotherapist with an emphasis on holistic health, understanding that all parts of our being are interlinked and dependent on one another. She specialises in emotional wellbeing, assisting men and women with resolving and managing concerns such as; trauma, anxiety, life dissatisfaction, emotional repression, chronic illness, addiction, mood, and personality disorders.

Alexandra aims to help you address your concerns at their deepest roots, so that your results are potent and enduring. She knows that each person is unique, and therefore tailors your treatment to your individual needs.

Alexandra is equipped with her Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and trained in a variety of psychotherapy techniques, which she uses in conjunction with hypnosis.

Witnessing her clients shift out of struggle and realise their fullest potential is Alexandra’s driving force.

Call direct on 0499 775 999 for questions and bookings.

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