BHSc Homeopathy

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I am a local hills resident and mother of two who loves working with clients of all ages and walks of life. I grew up being exposed to beautiful healing modalities such as kinesiology, hypnotherapy and reiki, and felt the call towards working in a holistic profession from a young age. I first discovered homeopathic medicine in 2009 and I resonated so deeply with the philosophy I haven’t looked back since!

I hold a compassionate and caring space for my clients as we walk through the deep questioning and self-contemplation that often arises within the homeopathic consultation. Many of my clients leave the clinic room not only with the benefits of homeopathic treatment, but with a sense of catharsis and release from the consultation process itself.

I have a background in training and development and enthusiastically bring these skills to my workshops and courses. I absolutely love teaching people about homeopathy and how they can use these holistic medicines for simple ailments for themselves and their families, in their own homes.

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