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Melinda Kearsley

Melinda Kearsley

12 Week Healthy Living Challenge

There are often quite complex reasons why some people struggle with their weight, which cannot be resolved with calorie reduction or weight loss medications. If these underlying imbalances are not addressed, all the dieting and exercising in the world will not achieve lasting results.

Our 12 week nutrition and exercise program is designed to educate, inspire and take you on a wellness journey.  Nutrition is the key to health and wellness and knowing which foods will help or hinder your health is vital, it’s more than the latest fad diet, it’s learning what is right for you.  The plan will include a weekly group session where a qualified Naturopath will cover topics relating to the natural approach to understanding your body. Just as importantly, exercise plays an integral role in increasing health and fitness.  Included in this plan are 12 training sessions involving hiking and strengthening sessions. You will also have designed a personalised plan, which will account for any injuries or medical conditions.

So as well as weekly discussions on the different underlying causes of stubborn weight issues, our group sessions will take advantage our this beautiful place we are lucky enough to call home, the Dandenong Ranges. Our exercise program is based on weekly hikes through the forest, and includes a personalised diet based on the results of our on-site food intolerance test.

We are really excited to be able to offer this program to anyone who feels it may benefit them – from 18 to 100 year olds, any level of fitness, and individual health issues and injuries can be catered for.


Sessions every Monday 6pm – 8pm in Kallista

For more information, contact Melinda (Naturopath) on 0401 526 974, Kate (Person Trainer and Hike leader) on 0476 823 754, or call Ranges Integrative Health on 9754-2062.